This entertainment clip show shines a light on the truly remarkable and unexplainable footage captured every day by the general public. Whether it’s poltergeist activity caught on a mobile phone, a ghostly apparition that manifests on CCTV or a mythical creature captured on the dashcam of a car, our team of specialists will provide their expert opinion as they try to explain the seemingly unexplainable.

The stories and footage will make your hair stand on end. The unbelievable, the bizarre, and the impossible – prepare to be blown away.

Unexplained Caught on Camera Logo

Series 2

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Release Date
Feb 20

Series 1

Release Date
Jul 19

Production Team

Executive Producer: David Notman-Watt
Series Producer: Daniela Carson
Producer / Director: Pete Grant
Casting Producer: Carron Munro
Junior researcher: Julia Thompson
Editors: Sam Blair, David Gaisford, Kiera Gordon-Garrett, Caroline Law, Antoine Mansion

Production Executive: Mitzi David
Production Manager: Holly Salter
Series Edit Producer: Liz Cootes
Assistant Producers: Charlotte Booth- Hulme, Sophie Greenhill, Simon Orman
Junior Production Co-Ordinator: Holly Sullivan