A returnable series following the complex workings of some of the world’s biggest and most highly skilled shippers, truckers and railroad teams. From major ports receiving containers from all over the world to truck companies specialising in shipping hazardous bulk, to the delivery of multimillion-pound vintage sports cars in specially designed freight trains… we follow the high pressure-shipments and cargo from departure on the seas to arrival by rail and road throughout mainland Europe and UK.

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Release Date
Nov 19

Production Team

Executive Producer: David Notman-Watt
Series Producer: Chris Barham
Producer / Director: Duncan Cook
Producer: Frank Smalley
Editors: Maggie Knox, Antoine Mansion, Adrian Charles, Alexis Vivas
Junior Production Executive: Mitzi David

Production Secretary: Paris Wilder
Production Manager: Holly Salter
Edit Producers: Ryan Gaffney, Nigel Alred
Shooting AP: Holly Lawarance
Researcher: Simon Orman