This action packed series reveals heroic moments caught on camera and tells the inspirational stories behind the clips. Using authentic UGC footage the series shows acts of human spirit when everyday people in real and often dangerous situations go above and beyond to help others. Backed up by interviews with key protagonists from the clips, we tell the story of how the event unfolded. Then, in an emotional twist, one hero per episode is reunited with the person they saved for a moment of reflection on life after the event.

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Release Date
Jan 20

Production Team

Executive Producers: Emma-Rosa Dias & David Notman-Watt
Series Producer: Aileen McCracken
Producer: Dyanne Cundall
Producer / Directors: Elliot Carr Barnsley, Johnny Leeder, Sam Morter

Production Co-ordinator: Bethany Leonard
Production Executive: Mitzi David
Production Manager: Mark Martin
Assistant Producers: Alex Merrick, Sola Ogunsola
Edit Producers: Kathryn Littler, Victoria Monroe