A brand-new true crime series with unique access to the video footage that leads to the conviction of killers around the world.

Each case is pieced together like a jigsaw as we link the CCTV, home surveillance, police bodycam and mobile phone footage that builds the evidence to trap the killer.

A victim focused series where friends and family share their memories, photos and videos of loved ones. Police and legal teams explain how the latest technology connects a network of cameras to build a visual montage of evidence for the prosecution. Every lens, from doorbell cams to dashcams to security cameras…all capturing crucial moments of bad decisions and pure evil. And as if that wasn’t enough, the lure of social media can sometimes prove too much for those who are guilty of committing a crime – a wayward post can provide the crucial footage required to nail the perpetrator.

Criminal Psychologist and author Dr Julia Shaw provides the context to the killings, the science behind murder, what happens in relationships and what drives strangers to kill.

Digital Forensic experts and video analysts guide us through the key footage and critical moments required to reveal the story of what happened in each case.

With cameras monitoring our every move 24/7, in urban cities, remote countryside, we are all being caught on camera whether we like it or not.

In our hands, on public buildings, in our homes, our digital footprint is everywhere. It’s not just the police around the world who gather evidence – cameras are everywhere.

We are all potential witnesses.


Starts 15th February